Aug 19

Thresher Studios

The Thresher shark can be found in the Pacific Ocean, from Baja California up to the North West of the United
States, but also inhabits warm and temperate oceans around the globe. Named for its extremely large tail which
can grow the length its body, the Thresher shark matures to between 10-12 ft. and can weigh up to 150 lbs. It
uses its large, sythe like tail to herd its schooling prey (bluefish, juvenile tuna, and mackerel) before “slapping”
the water, stunning his upcoming meal. The Thresher shark is also able to breach, or completely jump out of the
water, in the same manner as dolphins.

Much like its name sake, Thresher Studios herds potential cliental, future customers and business partners to you.
We offer a wide array of video services; commercials, promotional videos, web videos, training videos and event
videos. We also offer motion graphics and graphic design services and assist with logos, branding, publications
and advertisements.

Thresher Studios always aims to breach the competition by offering superior quality at competitive rates.